1. The dog food equipment model has built-in screw and screw sleeve lengthening, the material has long rotation time, the temperature can be adjusted, and the output torque can be adjusted, so that the material has high puffing degree and smooth surface.

2. Different feeds can be made. The model can be used: suspended aquatic feed pellets, sinking fish, shrimp and crab feed pellets, pet feed pellets, and hanging fishing feed pellets.

3. The international advanced granulation structure adopts the soft knife fitting form to realize the stepless speed change, which can cut the discharge material into the product of the required length arbitrarily, and is not easy to produce burrs.

4. The design is novel, unique, simple in structure, easy to install and easy to disassemble, easy to operate.

5. The screw sleeve and the screw adopt special wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant alloy steel material and are heat-treated, which has the advantages of wear resistance and long service life.

6. Built-in unique pressure-increasing die device to ensure feed yield and quality, and equipped with electric heating device to increase feed expansion rate.

7. The main motor adopts high-quality Y series two-phase and three-phase motors to ensure strong power.

8. Speed feeding device, more convenient to operate, even feeding, prevent downtime.

9. The discharge template is easy to replace, and it is only necessary to replace the required aperture template with different aperture feeds.