The simultaneous development of aquaculture and modern mechanized equipment is a systematic project. It mainly introduces the modern development direction of fish farming machinery equipment and fish feed processing equipment.

1. Machinery for fish farming

In recent years, mechanized fish farming in the world has developed rapidly and is developing from the traditional fish farming industry to modernization. Practice has proved that the mechanization and modernization of the fish farming industry has significantly increased production and income. From the perspective of the world aquaculture industry, the current agricultural aquaculture, animal husbandry and industrial fish farming have formed a computer structure, and agro-chemical and animal husbandry fish have widely used the seeds and parents of industrial production. The combination of the three can form a complete aquaculture system.

1. Agro-fishing machinery and equipment Agro-fishing includes intensive and semi-intensive cultivation of fish and tidal flats in ponds, rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Traditional pond fish farming has been used in China for more than 3,000 years. In the 1960s, the highest yield was about 400 kg. After the 1980s, due to the successful development of the matching pond fish culture equipment, the pond fish culture entered the era of mechanized fish farming, and the output increased exponentially. Its equipment is mainly used for digging ponds, irrigation and drainage, aeration, dredging, fertilization, water quality improvement, fish disease prevention, feed processing and wintering.

2. Animal husbandry and fish farming machinery and animal husbandry fish include artificial release, resource proliferation, scorpion breeding, nature protection, fence farming, induced breeding, artificial reefs and ecological farming. Modern animal husbandry and fish farming machinery and equipment mainly include: seed breeding facilities, cage culture equipment, artificial reefs, underwater tidal flats and harvesting machinery, mobile cages and breeding vessels, underwater detection and monitoring, marine breeding platforms, breeding Feeding aerobics, physicochemical fence equipment, rope net manufacturing machinery and fence construction machinery.

3. Industrialized fish farming machinery and equipment industrial fish farming using industrial production mode, including warm-flow water fish farming, cold-flow water fish farming, power plant waste heat fish, mechanized high-density fish farming, factory-wide closed-loop water fish culture, fish and vegetable symbiosis system , mobile fish farming factories, etc. Modern industrial fish farming mainly includes: drainage system, computer and fish and vegetable symbiosis system, aeration system, water quality monitoring system, water disinfection system, feedback-type feeding system, computer management and international networking system, temperature control system, sewage and pollution Computer systems and power distribution systems.

At present, the development of various aquaculture areas in China is still unbalanced, and most of them are still dominated by traditional agro-culture. In the future, rapid development must also take industrialized fish farming as the development direction.

Second, fish feed processing equipment

The current world fish feed processing equipment mainly includes:

1. The pellet feed curing equipment is to make the pellet feed not immediately disperse in the water, generally adding a steam curing device on the hard pellet feed machine to increase the viscosity of the feed.

2. Puffed feed processing equipment is to develop a new feed source, puffed pig hair, feathers, poultry and animal waste to feed it, in addition to toxins such as cottonseed phenol, puffed soybean meal, vegetable cake, cottonseed cake and so on.

3. The pellet feed film coating equipment is used to extend the qualitative time of the pellet feed in water. Generally, the spray film equipment is installed at the outlet of the pellet feed machine. However, because the moisture content of the pellet is high at the time, the moisture content of the finished product is more than 16%, and it is preferred to dry and spray. .

4. Fresh soft pellet feed processing equipment The fresh live feed is beaten into a paste with a beater, mixed with other powdered feed, and processed into fresh soft pellet feed to maintain the active substance of the live bait.